La Maison de me

The objects we choose to keep around us reflect our individuality and say a lot about who we are. Home display is a space that allows such expression. However, we mainly display aesthetic objects and tend to preserve those that are valuable in boxes, and tuck them away. In some instances, regardless of how precious, some of our belongings can be forgotten because they don’t contribute to our daily lives. “La Maison de me” revolves around this idea of displaying precious objects. It’s as if you get to curate your own museum that holds what’s valuable to you. The objects which we tend to keep out of sight. As humans, we generally like to show the things we like, and this is a way of doing so. These products are designed for specific objects for display. It includes a holder for a vintage tea set, a doll, and bracelets, in addition to a box for golden coins (lira), and a frame with multiple slits. As it may appear to oppose the popular belief of protecting valuable objects, this allows a different kind of appreciation. Whether the object holds a materialistic or incorporeal value, it is about the type of connection that generates between oneself and their surrounding.   

A box for gold coins

Bracelet organizer

A frame with multiple slits 

Doll holder

Vintage tea set organizer