Phase 1

Finding the Way

In this region specifically, more and more of the younger population is beginning to consider Arabic as a second language over the past decade. There has been a clear shift towards other languages, mainly English, as a preference over Arabic. When the matter arises, Arabic is described as being harder and therefore limits self expression.

It is without a doubt that language is a building block of identity, and the loss of language will inevitably lead to the loss of culture. When acquiring any language, the speaker also acquires the ideologies of the place from whichever this language originates.

Education systems failed to engage children at a young age with their native language, and created a gap between the child and their mother language. That gap only grew and resulted in a generation that is barely knowledgeable about their language.

There’s also the case of people who enrolled in international/private schools (all in English) either from kindergarten or middle school. Thinking it’s for their child’s best interests, parents then begin to communicate with their children in the same language, and that fosters unbalanced bilingualism

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