In 50 years it is expected that beauty standards will continue to rise beyond the standards of the general population. The society is more superficial than it has ever been and individuals begin to take extreme measures to fit into this perfect mold. It reaches the point where life becomes a materialistic matter and is devalued for the sake of looking beautiful and socially accepted.

With the help of science, Hebe is a cosmetic skincare brand which uses stem cell technology in order to repair damaged and old body cells. User can buy it and use it at the comfort of their own homes as a form of treatment. The products are available in three packages; the standard, premium and deluxe which can regenerate up to 15 years of youth. The higher the intensity of the treatment the more expensive it is. The company cannot inform the customers of the time that they have to live, only that which is taken away due to the harsh chemicals from which the formula is made.


Each package corrosponds to a different level of intensity